Health and Safety
Free health and safety plans for all member clubs with volunteers. 
All clubs have access to free health and safety plans just contact us to put this in place.
Greatly reduced rate for member clubs with employees.


  • The existing partnership with Marsh insurance and SCANZ has been updated and revised.
  • From 1st of April all member clubs will have access to the best insurance deal to insure club premises to protect your club’s biggest asset.
  • All training is regularly scheduled across New Zealand in partnership with The Learning Place. The bulk of training is either free or heavily discounted for member clubs.
  • Access to free training for the following: Safe Server of Alcohol, Food Safety, Fire Warden and Evacuation.
  • Member rates for Licence Controller Qualification of 40% savings. $150.00 for correspondence Licence Controller Qualification and $150.00 for online
  • Governance, How to Run Meetings, Sustainable Clubs delivered to support your club.
Club Coms
  • All member clubs are delivered each six weeks copies of Club Coms an informative newspaper with club news, personalities and deals for clubs. Keeping the community of clubs in NZ in touch!

Advocacy and Support
Building on the outstanding job provided by SCANZ over the last thirty years we will continue this work to provide ongoing advice and support for compliance matters. We will be just a phone call away on 0800 655 889.
  • Alcohol and liqour licensing
  • Employment contracts
  • Food safety
  • Job Descriptions
  • Volunteer support
  • Health and Safety

Supplier Deals
Using the buying power of clubs The Learning Place for Clubs has negotiated deals with suppliers to save clubs money.  Check out Club Coms or website for current deals. 

Join The Learning Place for Clubs

Membership is only $150.00 per annum no matter how big or small your club whether you have 1500 members or 15.