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Member Benefits

Forms & Templates

Everything from a full health and safety plan for your club, to employment contracts, mandatory liquor licence signage and more. It s all here in our tools and templates. This has the potential to save you thousands of dollars for your club.

Compliance Training

With changes to the health and safety, liquor and food laws over the last five years, clubs have a legal responsibility to have well-trained volunteers or staff who work on the club premises, grounds and bar. The cost to clubs is often prohibitive so training is commonly put on the back burner.

All TLP for Clubs members now have access to our comprehensive online training platform that provides the following modules to keep your club up to date with compliance requirements – Fire Safety and Evacuation/Safe Service of Alcohol/Health and Safety/Food Safety.


Many clubs face the hurdle of ongoing financial sustainability. Diminishing member numbers alongside increasing costs can make it difficult to make ends meet. There are many community funding organisations out there that will support your club. We have brought together an extensive list of organisations where your club can apply for funds. We also provide support for applications to those organisations, and fund-raising suggestions you can get started with at your own club.

Liquor Licensing

The club bar is a great place to socialise, tell tall tales and generate club income. Maintaining a healthy club liquor license requires training, knowledge and keeping on the right side of the law. We provide all three. Being a member of The Learning Place for Clubs gives you access to free and low-priced training and ongoing support (only a phone call away!) to ensure you operate a fun, safe and healthy drinking environment.


Quorums, Committees, constitutions can be confusing but it all has to be done correctly. We provide a tool kit of resources to make sure your club has good governance practice in place.


In a long-standing partnership between Marsh Insurance and The Learning Place for Clubs this special insurance deal has saved clubs all over the country thousands of dollars and provided good coverage and great customer service. Marsh provides a free appraisal of your club insurances and an obligation free quote will look to provide better cover at a cheaper rate.